Things to consider about pursuing a career in graphic design

Website design is increasingly becoming an industrious and admirable career in today’s digital world. Inside website design we have graphic design, here, you need to know a lot. First, graphic design involves the use of letters and images in communicating ideas and information. This could be meant for all kind of purposes; say from product packaging to advertisement. This career is going to be perfect for you if you are blessed with lot of creativity. To become more successful, you need to be equipped with drawing skills and information technology skills (IT). You will be required to provide some practical solutions to problems at hand. Alongside this, you should have good communication skills. Most of the successful professionals in graphic design have a degree as a foundation; alternatively, one can have a degree in related art based subject.
the work of graphic designers includes the following;

  • Discussing the brief requirements of projects with colleagues and clients
  • Working to meet the budget and deadline
  • Producing quality final layout containing exact specification for letter size, colors and typefaces
  • Producing the rough sketch of some computer visuals to show to clients
  • Using computer software ( specialist) to prepare designs
  • Providing the total cost of project
  • Choosing the most appropriate style and materials
  • Producing 3D Designs for exhibition, packaging and displays



As a graphic designer, you will work from around 9 A.M to 5 P.m. however; if you need to meet some deadline then you will work past 5 p.m. and report earlier. If you as a freelance Graphic Designer then your work will vary depending on orders.

Usually, you will be based in an office or studio. You may spend some of your times visiting clients and printers.


As a professional graphic designer, the starting salary will range from 16,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars in a year. As you get experience, your salary is likely to rise up to 32,000 dollars a year. When you become a senior designer, you will pocket up to or more than 50,000 dollars. (If you read that and were shocked, I don’t blame you. I used to make more than that starting salary when I was cleaning rain gutters! But this isn’t one of those fields that it’s a good idea to get into if you’re just in it for the money. You must love the art – otherwise it’s best to find a career elsewhere.)


The requirement to take a bachelor’s degree in graphic and design varies from one college to another. You can freely visit the website and confirm this.

Apart from the degree, you will require knowledge in the following areas of desktop design software such as;

  • IndesignquarkXpress
  • Image editing ( Photoshop)
  • Illustrator

For the above, you can take private courses through private trainers and your self-study. Remember employers will be interested in your skills and your creative ideas apart from your educational qualification.

Graphic design is not just use of software, Mathematics is crucial here. As a service industry, it will require you to know some things on business side, you should never take things to be personal.


To be a graphic designer, you will need;

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Drawing skills
  • Understanding of current trends and styles
  • Knowledge on photography
  • Good grammar and spelling
  • Working as volunteer for organization
  • Doing charity work
  • Creating online presence
  • Nurturing network with peers

As a graphic designer, you should know that there is high competition for jobs. Not all jobs are advertised. You need to be active and always present in various platforms. You should be willing to perform unpaid work, Holiday jobs and go for internship so as to be more competitive.

For more information about this career, feel free to visit Creative Choice website.